Investing Experiment: 05/18/2016

The orders of my investing experiment were fulfilled this morning with the following purchases: 

Stock # of Shares Purchase Price
MMM: 3M Co. 5 166.33
PG: Proctor & Gamble Co. 11 79.84
JNJ: Johnson & Johnson 8 113.40
DIV: Global X SuperDividend US ETF 38 24.58
O: Realty Income Corp. 15 60.91
EPR: EPR Properties 13 69.95
LTC: LTC Properties Inc. 20 46.85
STAG: Stage Industrial Inc. 46 20.81

The rankings were calculated this morning before the market opened, thus my ranking was based on my $10,000 starting point. Therefore, yahoo! My rank is 611. Considering I lost $239.60 from commission fees, my rank is probably going to drop about 100-150 points depending on how well everyone else performs. I might get lucky and all my stocks rise in price, which will bring me back into the 600 range. However, I prefer to be pessimistic when it comes to money, so I’m going to presume that my rank will hang around the 700s until dividends start to come in.

To you, the one who discovered this post, do you think I am too pessimistic?

Click here to see an overview of my investing experiment.
Previous update: 05/17/2016
Next update: 05/24/2016


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