Investing Experiment: 05/17/2016

I joined the “Start with $10,000” game in Investopdia’s Stock Simulator

The market was already closed, so I put in the order for the stocks I wanted in my simulator portfolio. I pretended I only had $1,000 for each stock and ordered the following number of shares:

Stock # of Shares
MMM: 3M Co 5
PG: Proctor & Gamble Co 11
JNJ: Johnson & Johnson 8
DIV: Global X SuperDividend US ETF 38
O: Realty Income Corp 15
EPR: EPR Properties 13
LTC: LTC Properties Inc 20
STAG: Stag Industrial Inc 46

There’s an overall ranking system in this game. I applaud today’s #1 person, who managed to earn $51,935.05 using just $10,000.

Since I placed 8 orders and the commission fee is $29.95 for each trade (expensive! I am so glad in real life my broker doesn’t have this steep of a commission), then I just lost $239.60. Whelp, that will knock my ranking down right off the bat. Let’s hope one or both of my strategies will eventually help recoup my losses.

Click here to see an overview of my investing experiment.
Next update: 05/18/2016


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